COVID-19 Safety Plan

Dorset College has developed a COVID-19 Safety Plan, outlining the control measures, policies, procedures, protocols, communication plans, training, and monitoring processes necessary to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 at our workplace.

Our plan follows the six-step process as outlined by WorkSafeBC. By Order of the Provincial Health Officer dated May 14, 2020, employers are required to post a copy of their COVID-19 Safety Plan on their website and at the workplace. This plan must be readily available for review by workers, as well as visitors, contractors, suppliers, and any other person who could be providing services at our workplace. This plan is updated as required.

A copy of our COVID-19 Safety Plan and other associated documentation must be provided if requested by a WorkSafeBC officer. This COVID-19 Safety Plan is to be posted on our website at:

STEP 1 Assess the risks at the workplace

☒ Consulted frontline workers, supervisors, and the joint health and safety committee.

☒    Identified areas where people gather as well as the job tasks and processes that may present a risk of transmission of COVID-19.

☒    Determined who could be at risk of exposure, including staff, students, suppliers, and the public.  

☒    Identified tools and equipment that workers share while working.

☒    Identified shared surfaces that people touch often, such as doorknobs. Elevator buttons, and light switches.

STEPS 2 & 3 Implement control measures, including policies, procedures and protocols to reduce the risks

To determine what control measures are required, we have consulted the following:

☒    The Hierarchy of Controls (Figure 1)

☒     Our frontline staff and managers

☒    Our Joint Health and Safety Committee

☒    Guidance and industry-specific information from provincial health authorities

Based on our assessment of the risks at the workplace in Step 1, we have implemented necessary controls and developed the following policies, procedures, and protocols:

☒    On-campus operations policy (Appendix A)

☒    Hand-hygiene and social distancing protocols (Appendix B)

☒    Visitor’s protocol (Appendix B)

☒    Enhanced cleaning protocol for common areas (Appendix C)

☒    Reporting symptoms in the workplace protocols (Appendix D)

☒    Working from home policy (Appendix E)

☒    International students travelling to Canada protocol (Appendix F)

Managers have been made aware of these policies and protocols.

STEP 4 Develop communication plans and training

To ensure staff, students, and visitors know how to stay safe at our workplace, we have:

☒    Developed plans to communicate new and updated policies to all of our employees.

☒    Conducted a training needs assessment and updated our training to include training on procedures and protocols

☒    Posted awareness posters throughout our workplace(s): No visitors, Distancing reminder, Sanitizing Station, Stop Sign, Feeling Symptoms?, and Handwashing Station.

☒    Posted occupancy limit signage throughout our workplace(s).

☒    Encouraged the use of virtual meeting tools and/or phone calls in lieu of in-person meetings or training sessions, whenever possible.

☒    Ensured that all required control measures, such as physical distancing, must be in place if communication or training must take place in person.

☒    Trained managers on monitoring workers and enforcing policies and protocols.

STEP 5 Monitor our workplace and update our plans as needed

As we receive updates from health authorities, we are doing the following to monitor changes in our operations and workplace(s) and ensure that control measures are effectively providing the expected level of protection and prevention.

☒    Workers are aware of how to report workplace hazards.

☒    Workers are aware of how to report symptoms of COVID-19.

☒    We review all workplace inspections to check for new areas and tasks of concern.

☒    We revise and update our cleaning and hygiene practices and protocols.

☒    We consult with our Joint Health and Safety Committee members.

☒    We update our policies and protocols accordingly.

☒    We re-assess communication and training needs accordingly.

STEP 6 Assess and address risks from resuming operations or getting back to normal

For areas within our operations or workplace that have not been operating normally during this pandemic and would now be re-started or re-occupied, we have completed the following:

☒    Reviewed our existing risk assessments for the jobs and areas affected by considering the effects of the control measures discussed in this Plan on existing safeguards and controls, and revised our risk assessments accordingly.

☒    Consulted with our Joint Health and Safety Committee

☒    Ensured all work areas have been inspected before resuming operations

☒    Re-assessed and implemented occupational first aid requirements accordingly.

☒    Re-assessed communication and training needs accordingly.

☒    Communicated plans to workers before they return.

COVID-19 Safety PolicyOn Campus Operations

Policy Statement

Dorset College Safety Policy will adhere to the regulations and guidelines set out by WorkSafe BC’s six-step process and the Go-Forward Guidelines for BC’s Post-Secondary Sector.

Purpose of Policy 

  • To preserve staff, students, and visitors’ physical and mental well-being by maintaining health and safety protocols that prevent the spread of COVID-19 while being on-campus.
  • To ensure that Dorset College remains compliant with the provincial and federal regulations related to COVID-19.

Related Documents and Resources

Orders, notices and documents from BC Center for Disease Control, Provincial Health Officer, WorkSafe BC, Ministry of Health, BC’s Response to COVID-19, BC Restart Plan, Dorset College Safety Plan


  1. Overview

Each member of the Dorset College community has a responsibility for his or her own safety as well as the well-being of others on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Each person must abide by the guidelines below: 

  • Read and understand the Dorset College COVID-19 Policies and Protocols.
  • Conduct a COVID-19 self-assessment daily.
  • If presenting any COVID-19 symptoms, do not visit campus locations and follow the protocols established by the health authorities.
  • If presenting any COVID-19 symptoms while on campus, report to the office manager and seek medical attention.
  • Immediately report all breaches to the established COVID-19 protocols to the Office Manager.
  • Physical distance must be maintained, and the use of a face covering is required at all times indoors


1.1 Administrative Responsibilities

  • To develop, implement, monitor, and assess a Safety Plan as required by provincial and federal offices.
  • To implement protocols for on-campus operations (in-person instruction, visitors, deliveries) and post signage for all spaces related to those protocols.
  • To ensure active participation of staff training and/or awareness of COVID-19 safe practices on campus.
  • To ensure that the Safety Plan is communicated to all staff and students.
  • To provide guidance and support to students in relation to COVID-19 risks and hazards.
  • To provide hand-washing facilities, sanitizing stock, and face coverings to staff, students, and visitors.
  • To institute protocols to maintain campus spaces properly cleaned and sanitized.
  • To update or modify the Safety Plan in accordance with provincial and federal regulatory bodies.


1.2. Staff and Faculty Responsibilities

  • To conduct a COVID-19 self-assessment daily.
  • To strictly adhere to the safe and health protocols established by the institution.
  • To observe all COVID-19-related signage on campus spaces.
  • To read and understand Dorset College Safety Plan.
  • To reinforce safety guidance and support to students.
  • To report unsafe conditions related to COVID-19.
  • To maintain a respectful and inclusive environment during this pandemic.


1.3. Students Responsibilities

  • To conduct a COVID-19 self-assessment daily.
  • To strictly adhere to the safe and health protocols established by the institution.
  • To observe all COVID-19-related signage on campus spaces.
  • To read and understand Dorset College Safety Plan.
  • To report to their instructors any unsafe conditions related to COVID-19.
  • Behave at all times in such a way as to not expose yourself or others. 

International Students travelling to Canada must:

Comply with federal and provincial health, safety and legal obligations, such as mandatory self- isolation, that international students entering Canada are required to follow on arrival at their final destination in B.C




Dorset College provides and stocks adequate washroom and hand-washing facilities on site for faculty, staff, and students. Students, instructors, and staff will be required to sanitize their hands before entering college property, wash and sanitize their hands throughout the day, and sanitize their hands upon leaving the college property. Hand sanitizing stations are located strategically throughout the campus to facilitate hand hygiene.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocol for common areas

Dorset College has implemented cleaning protocols for all common areas and surfaces (e.g., washrooms, tools, equipment, desks, light switches, and door handles).

Disinfecting and Cleaning Standards:

  • The College is cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the BCCDC’s Cleaning and Disinfectants for Public Settings protocol.
  • Where cross-contamination is possible, shared items have been removed.
  • Workers who are cleaning have adequate training and materials as per the guidelines in BCCDC’s Cleaning and Disinfectants for Public Settings protocols.
  • Adequate hand-washing facilities are stocked and available on site and easily accessed.

The following provisions have been adopted from the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHS) and implemented at Dorset College:

G4.85(3) Maintenance of washroom facilities (Issued January 1, 2005)

  • Section 4.85(3) of the OHS Regulation (“Regulation”) states:

If washroom facilities are provided, they must be

(a) maintained in proper working order,

(b) kept clean and sanitary, and

(c) provided with the supplies necessary for their use.

The employer must ensure washroom facilities are maintained to meet the requirements of section 4.85(3). If the washroom facilities are not under the employer’s direct control, the employer should ensure that all facilities intended for use by workers are maintained to meet the requirements of section 4.85(3).

Each washroom should be provided with a suitable waste receptacle and with the supplies necessary for the use of the facilities, such as a supply of soap, toilet paper, and hand-drying towels or air dryers


Reporting Symptoms at the Workplace Protocol

Dorset College has sought advice from the local public health authority in regard to managing cases of COVID-19 in the institution.

As part of a contingency plan, Dorset College has created the following protocols in the event that anyone develops COVID-19 symptoms on campus:

  • Management will be contacted for First Aid response.
  • Management staff will respond to the area to safely isolate the symptomatic individual to a room to conduct a confidential first aid assessment as well as the ThriveBC assessment for COVID-19.
  • Unless urgent medical attention is required, the individual presenting symptoms will be advised to return to their place of residence and contact 8-1-1 and apply to get tested for COVID-19. If necessary, Management will arrange transportation for the individual.
  • Management will notify cleaning services to ensure that cleaners are dispatched to disinfect the space where the individual was separated and any areas used by them.
  • In a confidential manner, Management will notify the corresponding health authorities of an incident of a symptomatic individual on campus.
  • If the test results are positive, the designated staff and SEA will observe the records of attendance for the individual during the past 14 days and will notify everyone that maintained contact with the infected individual, preserving the privacy of the infected individual, asking them to stay at home and immediately notify the college if they observe symptoms.
  • Anyone else observing symptoms will be asked to continue staying at home and seek COVID test immediately.
  • Dorset College will maintain accurate records of COVID-19 related incidents of exposure.