Technical program

Technical Certificate Program includes studies in Automotive Service Technician (AST) and Aircraft Maintenance.

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University transfer program

Upon successful completion of University Transfer Program Dorset students can continue their studies in our partner universities.

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Tourism and hotel management programs

Tourism and Hotel Management Programs include most of the components required for a successful career in tourism and hospitality. Students learn different aspects of the hospitality industry choosing from Managing Hospitality Operations Program to International Hotel Management. The programs include two co-op options.

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Academic preparation  program

The AP Program focuses on the English language skills necessary for success in educational and/or work environment.

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PGSA program

The PGSA program is intended for international students to do a Master's degree in Canada or the United States of America.

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ETS and SAT test center

Dorset College has become one of the official sites for Educational Testing Service (ETS) TOEFL iBT in Vancouver, BC. Dorset College is now authorized to administer TOEFL iBT test as an officially approved Test Center. Dorset college is also an official SAT Test Center.

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