University Transfer Options

Dorset College has signed agreements with several leading Canadian public universities, facilitating Dorset students’ completion of both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. Dorset College is cooperating with following schools:

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- Business Culture Studies

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- Business Studies

- Preparation for Graduate School Applicants

Excellent academic programs

  • The University Transfer Program including Business Administration, Business  Studies, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Science.
  • Technical Programs including the  Aircraft Maintenance Studies Program and the Automotive Service Technician Studies Program
  • Academic Preparation Program
  • Preparation for Graduate School Applicants Diploma (PGSA)

Qualified teachers and staff

Dorset College has a team of dedicated and caring staff. All Dorset teachers are highly qualified, the majority of whom possess either a Master’s degree or Ph.D. The Dorset administrative staff provide student counselling for both academic and personal matters. Our multilingual staff members speak English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Student Services

Dorset College provides a great number of student services, including airport pick-up, home-stay, and orientation for new students.

Scholarships and Financial Aid Awards

Every year Dorset College provides at least 30 scholarship and financial aid awards to qualified students. Dorset also provides students the chance to get involved with their community by volunteering at local organizations – a great opportunity to help others, gain resume-building experience and learn new skills.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Elective Classes

Besides regular classes, a variety of free elective classes are offered each semester at Dorset, such as TOEFL, French, Cantonese, dancing, etc. Also, with the help of the administrative staff, the Dorset College Student Association arranges numerous extra-curricular activities for students every semester.